Fatal mistakes that we make in social networks are named

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. Stories with reckless posting of sensitive content on social media can end up sadly. It happens that photos or data posted there lead to unpleasant consequences for users, Olga Sokolova, partner of the agency for reputation management and monitoring of social networks Digital Guru, told the Prime agency.

She cited as an example the story of how a Dutch reporter hacked a video conference of EU defense ministers. To do this, he did not need to become a hacker – the head of the Dutch defense department shared a photo of an online conference with an almost completely open login to it. “Ten attempts were enough to enter the conference where classified information and confidential issues are discussed.” , – the expert notes.

There was also an even sadder example – the Portuguese rapper David Mota was kidnapped and extorted a ransom, considering him rich, because he periodically posted packs of money, expensive cars and luxury goods on his Instagram account. As a result, the young man was killed.

Thus, you should not upload sensitive information about yourself (for example, passport scans, card numbers, exact home address, etc.) to the network. Even geolocation can be dangerous from the point of view of attracting attackers, Sokolova concluded.

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