A neurologist named the first signs of dementia

MOSCOW, 17 Feb – RIA Novosti. Physician-neurologist Viktor Shakhnovich in an interview with the TV channel “360” named the first signs of dementia.

The physician noted that such an ailment is associated with a violation of the elasticity of the vascular wall, so it is necessary to monitor the state of the vessels.

“And what is elasticity – this is knowing what your cholesterol is, what is your blood viscosity, what is your fat metabolism, what is your coagulogram – these are the analyzes that are done in all laboratories. If there are changes, then you need to go to a neurologist, who should already figure out why this is happening in you, “Shakhnovich said.

Such tests, as the doctor explained, should be taken from 35-40 years old.

Shakhnovich also named the factors that need to be paid attention to – these are unstable blood pressure and forgetfulness, if a person cannot remember where he put something.

In addition, it is explained that Alzheimer's and dementia are two different diseases. As the doctor said, Alzheimer's is a genetic disease, and the gene responsible for it is inherited. Shakhnovich added that so far no country in the world has developed a prophylaxis for this disease.

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