Tinnitus Danger Revealed

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Ringing in the ears – tinnitus – may indicate the presence of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus and others, neurologist Alexander Evdokimov told Channel Five.

So, cardiovascular diseases of an atherosclerotic nature, as well as inflammation or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, can provoke tinnitus. “If plaques form in a vessel, there is some turbulence and vortex of blood, and we can perceive it by ear or hear a pulsating ringing. This is due to changes in local pressure in the modified vessel – it begins to pulsate more,” explained Evdokimov. Science

According to him, ringing in the ears can also cause diabetes, as this disease affects the hearing cells and hairs that form the nerve impulse.

Another cause of tinnitus can be a problem of the cervical spine. As the doctor explained, due to osteochondrosis, angiospasm or vascular tortuosity can also occur, which leads to increased blood turbulence.

“A very common cause is, of course, ENT pathology. It can be inflammatory diseases, it can be damage to the auditory nerve, it can be damage to the centers of hearing in the cerebral cortex by various neoplasms,” the specialist said.

At the same time, problems with blood pressure can provoke tinnitus. According to the neurologist, this symptom can be accompanied by an increase or decrease in pressure, and it can also be caused by taking medications.

Tinnitus is ringing or tinnitus without external acoustic stimulus. This sensation can be characterized by patients as hum, hiss, whistle, ringing, noise of falling water, chirping of grasshoppers.

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