The Ministry of Agriculture answered the call to raise prices for sausages and sausages

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The intensive development of the meat industry in Russia contributes to the maintenance of a stable price level, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

This is how they commented on messages about the appeal of meat processors to increase the cost of sausages and other finished products – as the Kommersant newspaper wrote, they are seeking from retailers to increase purchase prices by 15 percent due to the rise in prices for pork and chicken.

“The meat industry in our country has been intensively developing in recent years, annually increasing production volumes. High supply of the domestic market with basic types of meat contributes to maintaining a stable price level,” the Ministry of Agriculture noted.

So, as of February 10, pork prices were 151.8 rubles per kilogram, which is comparable to the level of 2019 and 2018 (147.8 and 149.6 rubles, respectively). Years ago, pork fell somewhat in price due to market glut, but then prices gradually recovered to their current values.

The same is observed in the chicken market: its cost is 113.8 rubles per kilogram – even lower than in February 2019, when a kilogram of chicken cost 114.9 rubles.

The Ministry of Agriculture added that growing competition in the market will help to maintain the level of wholesale prices for meat. In addition, customs and tariff measures for regulating grain and oilseeds will reduce the costs of livestock enterprises for feed, and this will also reduce the cost of production.

The department added that they have not yet received any requests from meat processors regarding price increases.

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