The man went into his apartment and disappeared without a trace

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. A San Francisco resident mysteriously disappeared after entering his apartment, according to the local edition of Mission Local.

Fifty-year-old Christopher Voitel disappeared on January 9. Security cameras recorded how he entered his apartment and, judging by the records, did not leave it again. He also missed the lenses of other cameras installed near the house.

The police are looking for Voitel; his family hired a private detective. Nothing suspicious was found in his apartment, and the front door was locked.

According to relatives, the last message from Voitel was a request to his niece: “Please tell Lara (Voitel's sister. – Ed.) To check the messages. This is urgent.” The sister tried to call her brother, but he did not answer the phone.

Relatives said that before his disappearance, Voitel behaved very strange: he wrote unusual posts on Facebook, talked about escaping to the mountains, and also complained that he was “unsafe.” According to Mission Local, in recent years he did not work and suffered from depression. At the same time, his neighbors spoke of him as a person of extreme generosity.

According to acquaintances of the American, several years ago he met a homeless man, nicknamed Bud, who was fond of the occult. In their opinion, it is Bud that serves as the “key” to unraveling the mystery of Voitel's disappearance.

So, less than two days before the disappearance of the men, surveillance cameras recorded how Bud enters his apartment and leaves the next day. In addition, on the night before his disappearance, Voitel wrote an angry message to Will on Facebook, in which he forbade him to come to his home. As the homeless man stated after the disappearance of Voitel, he was allegedly shot during a robbery.

According to a private detective who is investigating the case, the most unusual thing about it is the recordings from surveillance cameras, according to which Voitel did not leave the apartment. “This is what makes it so strange,” he said.

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