The financier announced the required amount of the deposit for living on interest

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The amount of income that allows you to maintain an acceptable standard of living is different for everyone. If we assume that for a family of four this is 100 thousand rubles, then in order to receive it in the form of interest, they would have to keep more than 12 million rubles on the deposit over the past 10 years, the managing director for work with wealthy clients told the Prime agency. BCS World of Investments “Andrey Revenko. “However, by monthly withdrawing interest for 10 years, we doom our money to depreciation as a result of inflation, because 12 million in 2010 and 2020 are completely different amounts,” the financier added.

Everything changed in 2021 – against the background of a decrease in the key rate of the Central Bank to a historical minimum of 4.25%, the average yield on deposits was 4.5% per annum. Now an income of 100 thousand rubles per month from a deposit can be obtained only with more than 26 million rubles on the deposit. In Moscow, this amount can grow to the desired 150-200 thousand rubles a month, in this case, a contribution of 45-50 million rubles will be needed, Revenko said.

He named the securities market and the purchase of real estate as alternatives to deposits, but in both cases, financial literacy is required to study the market and assess possible risks.

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