The doctor spoke about the “warranty period” of the human spine

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The spine, joints, tendons and cartilage have a certain lifespan, but it can be extended, noted in an interview with Sputnik radio the honored doctor of Russia, chiropractor Andrei Kabychkin.

According to him, problems usually begin after 35 years, although for some they appear much later. This is due to physiological processes in the body: blood circulation decreases, metabolic processes are disrupted, various intoxications accumulate, Andrei Kabychkin explained. “The” warranty period “of our tendons, cartilage, joints and spine is 35-45 years. Different people have a different period. After this” warranty period, “people start to have problems with the spine and joints. This is the physiology of a person,” he said. doctor.

You can extend the “warranty period” if you correctly distribute the load on the spine during the day. When a person works standing, the static load on the spine is increased, and when sitting, it is reduced. But the way a person sits also matters, noted Andrey Kabychkin. “While you are sitting, the static load is not always optimal due to the wrong position at the desk. This means that you do not always have a comfortable body position for our spine, feet, joints, and so on,” the doctor warned.

Prolonged static stress causes muscle spasm, therefore, if it is not possible to take a position comfortable for the spine, you need to at least periodically change your posture, take short breaks every 40 minutes and be sure to devote a few minutes to industrial gymnastics or special exercises, Andrei Kabychkin recommended in an interview with radio Sputnik. Science

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