Succinic acid: the benefits and harms of “sun stone” powder

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. Succinic acid is a compound that plays an important role in metabolism. About the properties of the substance – in the material RIA Novosti.

The use of succinic acid

Butanedioic or ethane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid – it is also succinic – is a product obtained in the process of processing natural amber. The Sunstone product looks like a white crystalline powder and tastes like citric acid. Medicines and dietary supplements are made from it in the form of tablets, capsules, solution for injections or packaged in sachets. The substance is added to cosmetic masks, scrubs, tooth powders, tinctures for inhalation. Succinic acid is used as a biological additive in animal nutrition and for plant nutrition.

The use of succinic acid in medicine

– This substance is used for hypoxia, varicose veins, heart failure, to strengthen the immune system, normalize the pancreas, prevent age-related dementia and cognitive disorders, increase stress resistance and with increased mental and physical stress. In addition, it helps to cope with intoxication, including alcohol, and lowers blood sugar levels, – said nutritionist Elena Selezneva.

Succinic acid is also quite effectively used for weight loss, as it helps to speed up the processes that promote fat breakdown.

In addition, succinic acid salts have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, which can significantly delay the appearance of signs of aging. That is why the substance is prescribed when the first signs of the development of pathological brain processes in the elderly appear.

The action of succinic acid

As the specialist notes, succinic acid is an essential element in the formation of substances that are involved in the construction and renewal of cells and tissues. It resists the division of malignant cells, reduces the production of histamine, regulates energy metabolism, normalizes the functions of organs and tissues, restoring the course of biochemical reactions in them.

This acid protects the cells of the body from the negative effects of the environment, has antitoxic, antiviral and antihypoxic effects on the body as a whole.

Succinic acid as a regulator of the body state

The human body produces succinic acid, which is involved in the processes of metabolism and cellular respiration. The need for it grows with increased physical, psychoemotional, intellectual stress, illness. Succinic acid is able to accumulate in precisely those tissues that need it, ignoring healthy organs.

If there is a deficiency, then the supply of the substance can be replenished with the help of biologically active additives and drugs, for example, tablets of succinic acid. – Symptoms signaling a lack of this substance: early age-related changes, lack of strength, increased fatigue, reduced immunity, emotional decline, depression, meteosensitivity, memory impairment and ability to concentrate, – said the expert.

Succinic acid: indications and contraindications

Most often, preparations based on succinic acid are prescribed for the treatment of: – diseases of the thyroid gland; – gingivitis and periodontal disease; – ORZ; – cardiovascular diseases; – poisoning, including hangover; – anemia and other ailments.

The compound is not doping, does not lead to depletion of the internal forces of the body. It is not addictive and belongs to hazard class 5 substances, that is, it is practically non-toxic and does not have a mutagenic effect.

Since succinic acid is a substance produced in the human body, an allergic reaction very rarely occurs when it is taken. However, there are contraindications for use: —arterial hypertension; —ischemic heart disease; —A stomach or intestinal ulcer; —angina pectoris; —glaucoma; —late gestosis of pregnant women.

The compatibility of succinic acid with other drugs has been proven. The substance is recommended to be taken with many medications, as it reduces their toxic effect. At the same time, the acid reduces the effect of barbiturates and anxiolytics, therefore it is better to take it separately from micronutrients.

Oral use

Most often, the answer to the question of how to take succinic acid is contained in the package of the purchased supplement. In accordance with the instructions, succinic acid should be consumed before meals, previously dissolved in fruit or berry juice or mineral water. – For the prevention of diseases and improvement of general well-being, adults are advised to take 100-300 milligrams per day for a month. The use of succinic acid in large daily doses can only be prescribed by a doctor according to indications. Also, to prevent the development of alcohol intoxication, 200 milligrams of the substance is taken an hour before drinking. To relieve alcohol intoxication – 200 milligrams 3-4 times a day, – said Elena Selezneva. Янтарная кислота: польза и вред порошка из

Cosmetological use

One of the important places among everything for which succinic acid is useful is beauty. This is due to its properties to slow down the aging process, relieve inflammation and fight pigmentation. Amber-based cosmetics have been known since the days of Ancient Egypt and are still in demand.

Succinic acid for face

The use of succinic acid for women is a great way to increase skin elasticity, even out skin tone, make dark circles under the eyes less visible and renew the upper layers of the outer skin.

For facial skin, the substance can be used both independently and as an enriching component of various ready-made cosmetics.

In the first case, it is necessary to crush two tablets weighing 1 gram and add 1 tablespoon of water to the resulting powder. Once the mixture has dissolved, it can be applied to the face. The mask should be left on the skin until completely absorbed without rinsing. It is allowed to repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.

In the second case, you can add two crushed tablets weighing 1 gram for every 100 ml of cosmetic product (mask, cream, tonic and others), and then use it in the usual way. Янтарная кислота: польза и вред порошка из

The use of succinic acid for hands

The amber substance has a beneficial effect on the skin of the hands and the nail plate.
To make a useful scrub mask from succinic acid, you need to mix the crushed tablet of the drug and a teaspoon of honey. With the resulting composition, you need to massage your hands, and then rinse it off with warm water.

And for the health of nails, you can prepare a special bath. To do this, you need to dilute a couple of succinic acid tablets in a small amount of water, let it brew, and then add hot liquid so that you can dip it into your hand. After 10 minutes in such a bath, the skin will become softer, and the nail plate will brighten.

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