RusHydro will sign a cooperation agreement with the Khabarovsk Territory

KHABAROVSK, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev met in Moscow with the Chairman of the Board of PJSC RusHydro Viktor Khmarin, the parties announced their interest in further development of cooperation.

“One of the key issues was the agreement that is being prepared for signing between the Khabarovsk Territory and PJSC RusHydro. It concerns interaction in the development of a program for the promising development of the Territory until 2025, in particular, issues of gas supply to the future CHP-4,” Degtyarev wrote in his Telegram- channel.

In addition, the parties discussed the construction of a boiler house in the village of Mayskoye, Sovetsko-Gavanskaya district, which the energy holding is building to supply heat to the village. “It will provide the residents of the village with heat after the decommissioning of the Maiskaya GRES, built in 1938,” the head of the region noted.

According to the regional government, the head of the region highly appreciated the quality of construction and work of the recently commissioned CHP in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan (September 2020) and a residential building for the workers of the power plant. This central unit is the last of four priority projects for the construction of thermal power generation in the Far East, implemented in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation. The new CHPP with an electric capacity of 126 MW and a thermal capacity of 200 Gcal / h will generate 630 million kW / h per year, which is three times higher than the output of the Mayskaya GRES.

The new station meets high environmental standards – electrostatic precipitators capture at least 99.6% of ash particles. The CHPP will improve the environmental situation in Sovetskaya Gavan by providing residents with year-round hot water supply – previously, hot water was supplied to residents of the city only during the heating season.

Earlier it was reported that the project of a new CHPP-4 for Khabarovsk is ready and passed the state examination, the commissioning of a large strategic facility is scheduled for 2025. The construction of the new power facility will be carried out by RusHydro. The power engineers will implement their plans (including power lines, heating networks, water supply, etc.) at their own expense on a payback basis. The station will operate on natural gas. With the launch of a new combined heat and power plant (and taking into account the capacities already operating in the regional center), Khabarovsk will have a big backlog for many years: heat and electricity will be enough for the construction of dozens of microdistricts at least until 2035, the city administration's power engineers noted.

In 2019, the Russian government approved a list of projects proposed by RusHydro for the construction and modernization of thermal power plants in the Far East. It also included the construction of the Khabarovsk CHPP-4. It will replace the CHPP-1, which has already exhausted its resource many times over, which turns 67 this year.

The installed electric capacity of the future thermal power plant is 320.8 MW, and the heat capacity is 1368 Gcal / h. The design average annual power generation is 1.6 billion kWh. In terms of electrical power, this is about a fifth of the maximum load of the entire Khabarovsk Territory, and in terms of heat, about 65% of the base level of heat consumption in Khabarovsk.

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