Rospotrebnadzor assessed the situation with the incidence of influenza and ARVI in Moscow

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The situation in Moscow for influenza and ARVI is calm, according to the website of the Rospotrebnadzor administration in Moscow. “The epidemiological situation for influenza and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in Moscow on week 7 of 2021, from February 8 to 14, calm, corresponds to the season of the year. The incidence rates compared to the epidemic threshold levels are lower among all age groups of the population: among the total population by 57.4%, among children 0-2 years old – by 81.8%, among children 3-6 years old – by 84.9%, among children of 7-14 years old – by 70.9%, among the adult population it is lower by 15.4%, “the report says.

It is noted that in the landscape of circulating viruses, respiratory viruses of non-influenza etiology are determined: including rhinoviruses – 40.0%, RS viruses – 10.0%, other viruses of non-influenza etiology – 57.1%. “In connection with preparations for more than 7 million 417.1 thousand people were vaccinated during the epidemiological season for influenza and ARVI 2020-2021 at the expense of all sources of funding, including 1 million 264.850 thousand children, which is 59.1% of the total population of the city, “the message says.

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