North Korean hackers attack pharmaceutical companies in South Korea

SEOUL, 16 Feb – RIA Novosti. North Korean hackers tried to obtain data from South Korean pharmaceutical companies, but intelligence prevented the breach, Ryonghap news agency reported, citing parliamentary statements.

According to the agency, Civil Force MP Ha Kyung Tae and Secretary of the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee announced the news on Tuesday after hearing a report from the National Intelligence Agency (NIS).

He added that the average daily number of hacker attacks increased by 32% compared to last year. Among them are attacks on the networks of local administrations, attempts to get hold of advanced technologies, viral letters to key employees in the country and blackmail of South Korean companies with ransomware viruses.

“Among (those who conduct them – ed.) There are both Chinese and Russian hackers, but mostly North Korean,” said Kim Byung Gi, a member of the ruling United Democratic Party of Korea and secretary of the parliamentary intelligence committee.

Also on the English-language website of the Ryonhap agency, a message appeared that, according to NIS, hackers in North Korea tried to obtain data on the vaccine and treatment of the Pfizer coronavirus. The agency did not provide any details, and the message was removed from the Korean version of its website.

At the end of November last year, NIS already reported on attacks by North Korean hackers on South Korean vaccine developers against coronavirus. Exactly which companies were targeted was not reported, but no damage was done as the National Intelligence Agency was able to stop the attacks.

Currently, South Korea has approved Phase I or Phase II clinical trials for eight COVID-19 candidate vaccines.

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