National Assembly of France adopted a draft on the protection of republican values

PARIS, 16 Feb – RIA Novosti. The National Assembly (lower house of parliament) of France adopted on Tuesday in the first reading a resonant bill aimed at protecting republican values.

347 deputies voted for the bill, 151 against, 65 abstained.

Now the document must go to the Senate – the upper house.

The adoption of the bill was greeted on his Twitter page by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen.

The text of the document, which consists of about 70 articles, provides for a number of measures, in particular, aimed at combating hate campaigns on the Internet, strengthening control over the activities of religious organizations and teaching children at home.

One of the articles of the bill provides for a penalty of five years in prison and a fine of 75 thousand euros for threatening, attacking or intimidating an elected official or civil servant in order to evade the rules of public service.

Measures have been spelled out to combat hate speech on the Internet. In this regard, a new corpus delicti is introduced and punishment for endangering a person's life through the dissemination of information concerning his private life for malicious purposes. This article provides for sanctions in the form of three years in prison and a fine of 45 thousand euros. It was decided to introduce a new corpus delicti after the murder in France of history and geography teacher Samuel Pati, who became the target of attacks on social networks.

Control over the activities of religious organizations and the transparency of their funding is being strengthened. According to the provisions of the bill, religious organizations are obliged to declare donations over 10 thousand euros that come from abroad.

The bill also tightens control over the education of children at home. Starting in 2022, parents whose children are out of school will be required to obtain a homeschooling permit. Such permission will be issued only in exceptional cases, for example, if the child is unable to attend school for health reasons.

Also, the bill also introduces a number of measures aimed at tightening the fight against polygamy, and introduces a strict ban on the issuance of so-called “virginity certificates”. The issuance of such certificates by doctors will be punishable by a year in prison.

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