Listed features of the “ideal client” of Russian banks

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Financial consultant Denis Ushakov, in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel, listed the criteria by which Russian banks assess the reliability and solvency of a client wishing to receive a loan.

“This is a person who works for hire, preferably in a large company <...>. That is, with a stable income,” he said, noting that self-employed and even entrepreneurs often have less chances to approve a loan.

According to Ushakov, the client's age is also taken into account. The most reliable, as noted by the financial consultant, are Russians between the ages of thirty and forty or forty-five. Banks are more loyal to age when approving consumer loans, he added.

In addition, financial institutions always pay attention to their credit history. The absence of “black spots”, as the expert emphasizes, increases the chances of obtaining a loan on favorable terms.

Also, for some banks, it is important that the borrower has a family, Ushakov is sure.

“Family people with children are preferable for the bank than single individuals,” he added.

Ushakov noted that, despite the list of “criteria”, each case of the organization is considered separately. According to the expert's conclusion, the requirements put forward to the ideal borrower are adjusted depending on the type of product.

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