JV proposed to create special conditions for business in small towns

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation proposes to create preferential regimes for doing business in small towns and historical settlements, follows from the report of the control department.

It is noted that now the status of small towns and historical settlements does not provide any advantages, tax benefits, additional opportunities to attract investors, priority in the distribution of intergovernmental transfers. -economic development or other zones with a preferential regime for carrying out entrepreneurial activities “, – indicates the Accounts Chamber.

The control department also proposes to formulate a comprehensive concept for the development of these municipalities and appoint a responsible executive authority that will ensure coordination and control over the implementation of projects. cities and settlements.This topic, although not the most ambitious of those that we usually consider, but very sensitive, because in small towns there are about 23 million people, that is, almost a quarter of the total urban population. That is why the results of our work are extremely important for the regions “, – said the head of the joint venture Alexei Kudrin.

According to the auditor Svetlana Orlova, with the proper quality of management using digital technologies, small towns and historical settlements can become drivers of economic growth, which will ensure the attraction of private investment, the creation of new jobs, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as additional tax and non-tax revenues in local budgets.

“In addition, small towns and historical settlements can become a base for the development of various areas of domestic tourism and various forms of family recreation, new sites for studying cultural heritage and patriotic education of young people,” she added.

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