In Bryansk, a man lost his way in a severe frost in the forest was rescued

BRYANSK, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Rescuers found a man lost in the Bryansk forest in a twenty-degree frost, according to the GUMChS in the Bryansk region.

The incident took place late Monday evening. Two men went on foot along a forest road from the village of Vygonichi to the village of Zalyadka, Vygonichsky district, Bryansk region.

“The distance between the settlements is 10 kilometers, and at night the air temperature dropped to -21 degrees below zero. One of the men made it home safely, and the other fell behind on the way and got lost,” the message says.

It was even more difficult to search for the lost man at night because of the difficult terrain, so employees of the specialized fire and rescue unit of the FPS of the GUMChS of Russia in the Bryansk region were involved in the rescue operation.

The man lost in the forest was found only in the early morning, when the specialists set out on a snowmobile in search of.

Rescuers gave him warm clothes, took him to the village and handed him over to the emergency medical team.

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