Experts named the most popular gifts among Russians for February 23

MOSCOW, February 16 – RIA Novosti. The most popular gifts for February 23 are souvenirs, clothing and lottery tickets, and Russians prefer to spend this day in cinemas, theaters and bars, according to a study by MTS Bank, the results of which are available to RIA Novosti.

The study is based on an analysis of anonymized data on bank cards of five million MTS Bank customers in all regions of Russia. Payment transactions in February 2020-2021 were taken into account. Bank analysts have identified ten categories in which the number of transactions significantly increases before February 23 compared to the average values of this month. “Before Defender of the Fatherland Day, the largest increase in the number of transactions is observed in souvenir and gift shops – 39%. Here you can find many Themed and unusual gift sets for every taste and budget. Only one percent (+ 38%) in terms of growth lag behind clothing stores. Closing the top three in terms of transaction growth are lottery tickets – 26% “, – the study says.

The average bill in the category of souvenirs is 840 rubles, they are ready to spend an average of 2480 rubles on clothes, and 490 rubles on lottery tickets. In addition, before the holiday, Russians show interest in toys (an increase of 25%) and cosmetics (+ 20%), the average check in these categories is slightly more than 1,000 rubles, as well as sports goods and alcohol (an increase of 18%).

As of February 23, the most popular entertainment is going to cinemas – the number of ticket purchases here is 35% more than the average in February, followed by theaters – an increase of 27%. And almost the same influx of visitors to bars, where the number of transactions is 26% higher compared to the February average.

However, some Russians confine themselves to a festive homemade dinner, as evidenced by an 11% increase in home food orders and an increase in the number of purchases in supermarkets by 9%, the bank's analysts concluded.

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