Electricity imports from Russia explained in Ukraine

KIEV, February 16 – RIA Novosti. Ukraine was forced to resume importing electricity from Russia and Belarus due to cold weather and the threat of blackouts, Acting Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy Yuriy Vitrenko told reporters.

According to him, due to the cold weather, a deficit arose in the energy system.

“We had cold weather, there was a shortage of electricity, Ukrainian nuclear units were working at full capacity, coal units, even gas units were turned on, but still there was not enough electricity. Therefore, there was emergency assistance from Belarus, and there was import from Belarus. I like it, but otherwise there was a threat of rolling blackouts, “he explained.

At the same time, Vitrenko stressed that he was against the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus. According to him, in the future, Kiev intends to abandon this practice and join the European system. “We need to make sure that we develop our system in advance and so that later we do not have to take electricity from Russia and Belarus in emergency mode. I will work over this, so that there is no such thing as this winter, when we were forced to take electricity from Belarus and even on some days from Russia, “he said.

In April last year, Ukraine suspended electricity imports from Russia and Belarus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But from January 3 of this year, she resumed deliveries from Belarus, and from February 1 – from Russia. According to the head of the board of the Ukrenergo company Vladimir Kudritskiy, Kiev will not refuse to import Russian electricity until the end of the heating season.

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