Zhirinovsky proposed to install Alenka next to his sculpture

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to the winner of the auction for the sale of the monument to Novovoronezh Alenka to place it on the territory of the Institute of World Civilizations, so that she, together with the sculpture of Zhirinovsky himself, would become a new meeting place for lovers.

The auction for the sale of the Alyonushka art object, which caused a wide resonance, took place on 15 February. Four participants expressed a desire to buy the sculpture, the initial price of the object was 1 million rubles. As a result, the auction ended at the 33rd step with the victory of “participant No. 3” who offered 2.6 million rubles. A private person became the winner of the auction, Olga Orlova, the organizer of the auction, told RIA Novosti.

“It’s pointless to own a sculpture. It should stand in plain sight and attract attention – for this they are created, the authors are counting on it. It’s a pity if Alyonka eventually gets lost in some hangar, in a private collection. Therefore, we suggest the owner place the sculpture in the yard. Institute of World Civilizations next to my sculpture, which has been standing there lonely for several years. Alyonka is also lonely, everyone rejected her in her native Novovoronezh. I could fall in love with such a girl, so our sculptures next to each other would look very harmonious “, – Zhirinovsky told RIA Novosti.

In addition, the politician thinks, this place could attract single people who want to meet someone.

“This would become a new place of attraction and birth of love,” the politician said.

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