Two residents of the Tyumen region suspected a rare Gaff disease

EKATERINBURG, February 15 – RIA Novosti. Two people with suspected Gaffa disease were taken to a hospital in the city of Tobolsk, Tyumen region, the regional health department told RIA Novosti.

Gaff disease is an acute disease that is still poorly understood, there is no specific treatment. The source of the disease is fish, in particular perch, pike, carp, crucian carp. All outbreaks of the disease in water bodies were recorded during the years of rising water levels. The first symptoms of the disease in humans are acute muscle pain. In severe cases, the disease affects the heart and kidneys.

The patients underwent comprehensive diagnostics.

“At the time of examination, the condition of the patients was assessed as satisfactory. The final diagnosis will be established based on the results of all studies, which may take some time,” the department told the agency.

In October 2020, the Gaff disease was suspected in a resident of the Izemet settlement. Then, according to the results of a two-day extensive comprehensive examination, the pathology was not confirmed.

An outbreak of Gaff disease occurred in October 2019 in the village of Achira, Tyumen region. The source of the disease was fish from a local lake. After ten people were hospitalized, the authorities banned the fishing and sale of fish from Lake Andreevskoye near the village for a year.

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