Snowmobile food delivery launched in Moscow

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. Heavy snowfall in Moscow forced delivery services to test new formats of work. For example, Grow Food, a healthy food delivery service, has begun delivering orders on snowmobiles, the company told RIA Novosti.

“On the morning of February 13, service couriers began delivering orders for snowmobiles in the Moscow region and in some areas of Moscow,” the company said.

They specified that now 20 couriers use the new type of transport. Grow Food delivered 500 orders over the weekend. Food was transported by snowmobiles in nine districts of the Moscow region, including Zelenograd, Podolsk, Domodedovo, Fryazino, as well as in Moscow – to Altufevo and Strogino.

“When we realized that on Saturday morning some of our couriers simply could not cope with the elements and more or less freely move around the area, we urgently rented several snowmobiles of a model specially designed for deep snow. We handed them over to our experienced drivers for use. It was an experiment for us and for the couriers, and by lunchtime it showed its effectiveness, “said Daniel Galper, CEO and founder of Grow Food.

As the company said, couriers are allowed to travel on snowmobiles at a speed of no more than 15 km / h on the sides of highways, without violating traffic rules. “Only employees with a category A driver's license received the new type of transport, as well as protective helmets and equipment, and additional instructions were given for them,” the company said.

The service will use a new type of transport until traffic on the roads is fully adjusted, and also until the weather permits.

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