Power engineers have eliminated an accident on the power grid on Russky Island

VLADIVOSTOK, 15 Feb – RIA Novosti. Power engineers have eliminated a power failure on Russky Island in Vladivostok, where about 1,000 residents were left without electricity due to a snow cyclone.

Earlier on Monday, an accident occurred on the Oboronenergo networks on the island. As local residents reported in messengers, residents of at least eight villages and streets were disabled. The government of RIA Novosti clarified that about 1 thousand people were left without electricity, electricians worked on the spot.

“At 13.48 (06.48 Moscow time), the feeder was disconnected due to damage to the 6kV overhead line … Currently, the damage has been repaired. The connection will begin within 15 minutes,” a representative of the mayor's office told reporters.

As a RIA Novosti correspondent reports, houses on the island have already begun to be connected to the electricity supply.

According to Primhydromet, a deepening cyclone is moving over the Sea of Japan; it brought snowfalls and blizzards to the region. Now in Vladivostok a snowstorm, ice, strong wind. The entry of heavy vehicles into the city is prohibited. Several dozen bus routes have been canceled along the edge. The head of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako instructed, if possible, to let the employees of enterprises go home early, and if necessary, cancel classes in schools. It is expected that the snow in Vladivostok will stop on Tuesday night.

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