Over 35 thousand violations of cleanliness eliminated in the Moscow region in 2020

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. More than 35 thousand violations of cleanliness and order were eliminated on the territory of the Moscow region in 2020, according to the press service of the Gosadmtechnadzor.

“In 2020, inspectors checked more than 178 thousand objects of external improvement, following the results of the measures taken, more than 35 thousand objects of supervisory activity were put in order. 1315 raids were carried out at the stations of the Moscow Central Diameter, as a result of which 708 violations were eliminated. objects helped to eliminate more than 4.3 thousand violations during the year. During the year, thanks to inspectors, more than 16 thousand violations of seasonal cleaning of territories were eliminated, “the statement says.

The ministry also added that 1,067 unauthorized dumps were also identified and liquidated in the region. More than 49 thousand container sites have been checked and digitized. “In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, inspectors carried out more than 2.8 thousand raids, as a result of which more than 7 thousand violations of mask compliance and 2.7 thousand cases of non-compliance with social distance were suppressed,” the release adds.

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