Experts appreciate the idea of vaccinating elderly people against coronavirus at home

MOSCOW, February 15 – RIA Novosti. It is not a good idea to vaccinate elderly people against coronavirus at home in order to save them from the need to visit medical institutions, since it is impossible to carry out the necessary health check at home and ensure that the patient is monitored for the first 30 minutes after vaccination with the possibility of providing emergency resuscitation If necessary, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti believe.

As noted by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the RUDN University Sergey Voznesensky, old years are not a contraindication for vaccination, you can get vaccinated against coronavirus at any age. However, with age, a person develops a greater number of chronic diseases, and their aggressive course is already a contraindication. “The second point is that after vaccination, a 30-minute medical observation must be provided without fail, if after vaccination, although it is minimal, but there is a risk development of allergic reactions, up to anaphylactic shock … It should be provided, including with the possibility of emergency resuscitation measures. I'm not sure that all this is feasible at home, “he said. Infographics

Director of the Lomonosov Moscow State University's University Clinic, urologist Armais Kamalov also did not support the proposal to vaccinate elderly people at home. According to him, any vaccination is a serious event that cannot be carried out at home or in a shopping center. “This is not quite the right way. To identify certain diseases that may be a contraindication to vaccination at home, I think it is very difficult to do Moreover, not all patients can understand and know about their own internal problems, which in one way or another may be a contraindication for vaccination, “the expert noted.

Kamalov insists that the selection of patients for vaccination should take place in a medical institution.

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