20 centimeters of snow fell in Istanbul

ANKARA, February 14 – RIA Novosti. All educational institutions in Istanbul will be closed until February 17 due to heavy snowfall that hit the city, Governor Ali Yerlikaya said. The height of the snow cover in some areas of Istanbul reaches 20 centimeters.

“Heavy snowfall and stormy winds continue. We are interrupting face-to-face studies in all our educational institutions until Wednesday,” the governor said in a statement.

Due to bad weather, the ferry service through the Bosphorus was interrupted. Airports operate normally, but some flights are delayed. Due to the current Sunday curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no serious traffic jams in Istanbul, although traffic is difficult.

According to meteorologists, in some areas of Istanbul, the height of the snow cover has reached 20 centimeters. According to forecasters, the snowfall can last up to five days.

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