Useful tricks for driving in snow

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Ilya Pimenov, an expert of the magazine “Za Rulem”, listed useful techniques for driving in a heavy snowfall.

According to the author of the material, when cleaning roads between the lanes, snow streaks or sediments often remain, which can complicate the execution of maneuvers. “The sharper the angle at which you enter and leave a snow-covered area, the better,” he recommended.

In case of heavy snowfall, remember about lighting devices. For example, some drivers turn on only daytime running lights during daylight hours, while the taillights are off. “If the snow is dense, thick, your car can be seen from behind much worse than with the included dimensions,” Pimenov warned, urging to always turn on the low beam in bad weather.

As the expert writes, in snowfall, many drivers get lost and begin to shift along the road or occupy two lanes, because they do not see the markings. “It is very easy to find your way if you look at the traffic direction signs posted in the lanes above the road,” he said.

When driving on snowy roads, you should also remember that it is necessary to smoothly press the gas pedal and brake as smoothly as possible. “Slip breakdowns occur when the accelerator pedal is pressed sharply or when braking suddenly,” Pimenov pointed out.

According to him, turns, especially on an unfamiliar road, must also be passed on even gas, dropping speed before it and adding after. In this case, the trajectory of movement should be chosen so that you do not have to turn the steering wheel when turning.

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