The immunologist explained the words of Myasnikov about a new deadly pandemic

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Immunologist Vladimir Bolibok commented in an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva on the words of Alexander Myasnikov about the approaching pandemic “more dangerous than COVID-19.”

Earlier, Myasnikov said that the transition of the bird or swine flu virus from animals to humans could become the cause of a new infection. According to the doctor, it will be possible to escape from a new pandemic only if there is a universal flu vaccine.

As noted by Bolibok, influenza viruses, unlike COVID-19, are well studied, so, in his opinion, there will be no problems with the vaccine. He pointed out that, in addition to vaccines, it is necessary to have reserves for the provision of medical care and the restructuring of industry, so that, if necessary, it would be possible to quickly establish the production of drugs and protective equipment.

According to the doctor, the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic will contribute to the establishment of centers for advanced control of viral infections. “Both coronaviruses and adenoviruses will be studied there. Banal pathogens, but we do not know what to expect from them next. You should not be afraid, but you have to be prepared,” Bolibok concluded.

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