The forecaster told what spring will be in Moscow

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. March and the first half of April in Moscow are predicted to be cold, while May and summer, on the contrary, will be warm and even hot, leading employee of the Phobos Weather Center Yevgeny Tishkovets told RIA Novosti.

“Such a refrigerator, such a powerful snow cover that has formed in the vastness of the Central Russian Plain, it will be a kind of cold chamber that will affect the temperature background. According to long-term forecasts, March will take over the cold, according to my estimates, a month will be one to four degrees colder than normal with a slight deficit of precipitation. Moreover, with an extension to the beginning of April, maybe even to the first half of April. The onset of climatic spring is usually March 27, in my opinion, the date will be shifted to the right by a week or two, “Tishkovets said.

According to him, the average date for snow cover in Moscow is April 12, and the latest climatic date is April 19. This year the snow will melt at the latest date, not earlier than April 15-20, and in the forests it can stay almost until May Day.

“And then the climatic swing will go in the opposite direction. The second half of April, May, the spring-summer season will be warm and hot in places. The climate system will be a plus sign and will compensate us for all the troubles associated with the cold. There will be a sharp onset of spring on all fronts, this will cause, in my opinion, a difficult flood situation in this spring season, “said the meteorologist.

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