Taxi drivers talked about the most unusual trips

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. The work of taxi drivers cannot be called very easy, but sometimes their hard working days brighten up unusual situations – food instead of the usual tips, childbirth in cars, animal attacks, trips with stars and many other amazing stories shared by drivers working with the largest taxi services “Citymobil” “and” Yandex.Taxi “.

Citymobil interviewed nearly 18 thousand taxi drivers across the country, who shared the curious and unusual incidents that happened to them during their work, the company told RIA Novosti.

About 40% of taxi drivers received gratitude from passengers in an unusual format: for example, 26% of taxi drivers said that after the trip they were invited to a cafe, restaurant or home for a cup of tea. Someone was offered to join a noisy company and continue the fun together – almost 15% of respondents faced this.

Tip kitten

Some clients leave “non-standard” tips. So, a generous passenger left one Moscow driver for tea almost 50 thousand rubles. Someone in gratitude for a good trip was treated to a delicious dinner, left in the back seat a gift in the form of a basket of fresh fruit.

One Ufa driver was presented with a tip as a kitten, who now happily lives at his house.

Touching stories often happen during the holidays. Once on March 8, a woman driver became the owner of a small dog – either forgotten by the passenger, or donated. The four-legged friend has been living with a new mistress for the third year already.

Another story also happened on March 8 with a young mother working as a taxi driver. The passenger left her 28 thousand rubles as a tip so that she would not work for several days and spend time with the baby.

Monkey kiss

Drivers had to deal with animals not only as a tip.

“Once in a taxi, a monkey kissed me on the neck,” said Vladimir, a driver working with Yandex.Taxi, whose story the company shared on its Instagram page.

The passenger indicated in advance what would happen with a small animal in her arms, but the driver could not even imagine that it would turn out to be a monkey. The hostess, having got into the car, immediately warned that the monkey was a hooligan and would start flirting with the driver. “We drove for half an hour. Suddenly I felt a kiss on the neck. Suddenly it happened. And this hooligan had already fled back to the hostess. Then she came running again, began to dig in her hair,” said the taxi driver.

In May 2020, the driver of Citymobil in Yaroslavl, while waiting for an order, saved a passer-by from a bear that attacked him, and then took the victim to a hospital. Citymobil rewarded the driver for a heroic deed and released him from the commission for a month.

Vyacheslav, the driver of Yandex.Taxi, once had a chance to save a kitten's life.

“We're taking the cat to sleep,” my passengers admitted. “I mean, put to sleep?” – I thought and looked what kind of animal was there. It turned out to be a very cute creature, who is five months old, still a child at all. I took her to me, and so Alice appeared in my life, “Vyacheslav said. The spread of the coronavirus

The story of a miraculous salvation spread throughout the city and returned to Vyacheslav. “I was driving a passenger two months ago, and she told me my own story: people threw out the cat, they got tired of it, and a good taxi driver picked it up. 90% of this story was true, 10% was already far-fetched,” Vyacheslav said. ⠀

Unusual orders

Sometimes the orders themselves are unusual: one driver from Tyumen had to catch up with a passenger with a train, which he missed, they told in Citymobile.

The driver from Yekaterinburg found himself in an even more unusual situation: he had to give birth to a passenger right in the car. The child was named after the driver.

Quite often, drivers find themselves in situations that require decisive action and heroic deeds from them. More than once they had to witness an accident and help the victims – call an ambulance, take the injured people to the hospital, Citymobile reported.

“One of the drivers told us that during the trip the passenger had an acute attack of allergies, and the driver provided first aid,” the company said.

Star passengers

As shown by the study of “Citymobil”, every third taxi driver in Russia, according to them, had a chance to drive someone from pop stars, cinema or politicians.

“Among the listed public figures whom the drivers met in the taxi were Olga Buzova, residents of the Comedy Club, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and other celebrities,” the company said.

Drivers of Yandex.Taxi also talk about star passengers.

“Another memorable trip – when I was driving Alexander Rosenbaum. I talked to the idol without going to the concert, but like this, live. This is the advantage of our work. At the end of the trip, he himself offered to take a photo as a souvenir, it was nice,” the driver wrote “Yandex.Taxi” Vladimir.

Another Yandex.Taxi driver recalls a trip with the famous designer and owner of the design studio Artemy Lebedev.

“One of the memorable trips was when I gave Tema Lebedev a lift. He drove literally five minutes to the studio, and I always wanted to tell Tema a lot. I had to do it in five minutes. After that he posted on his site that” the best driver of the year gave me a lift. ” , – said the driver.

The story received an unexpected continuation. “Literally a week later, I drove Zhenya Sinyakov from the Comedy Club. We arrived, he was leafing through my Instagram, he said:“ So, are you the best driver, did you take Tyom? ”And I also posted a post on my Instagram,” he added.

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