Supposedly the world's oldest brewery discovered in Egypt

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. A joint Egyptian-American team of archaeologists has discovered what is believed to be the oldest brewery in the world in the Egyptian province of Sohag, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism said in a statement.

An archaeological team led by Dr. Matthew Adams of New York University and Dr. Deborah Vishak of Princeton University have found a brewery in the north of the ancient city of Abydos, according to a ministry statement.

According to the secretary general of the Supreme Council for Ancient Monuments of Egypt, Mustafa Waziri, the found brewery probably dates back to the era of Pharaoh Narmer, who ruled about 5 thousand years ago. He stressed that the brewery consisted of eight large sections, 20 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, each containing about 40 clay pots that were used to heat water and grain.

According to Adams, the factory could produce about 22.4 liters of beer at a time. He believes that it was built in this place to provide for the rituals that took place inside the burial premises of the first rulers of Ancient Egypt.

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