Research shows Russians are losing interest in loans for gifts

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Every year Russians are losing interest in loans for gifts: this year, only 1.5% of borrowers have issued such a loan for Valentine's Day, compared to 2.5% last year, they calculated for RIA Novosti in the Yunikom24 financial marketplace.

“Borrowers have cooled off to loans for gifts. So, for example, only 1.5% of borrowers are going to issue a loan for gifts by February 14. Recall that 5 years ago the share of those who wish reached 5%, last year – 2.5%. is the minimum over the past few years, “- analysts found out.

At the same time, 80% of those applying for a loan for gifts will send only 20-30% of the amount received for this purpose, experts add.

The main borrowers, who take out loans by February 14, are still men (60%). The purpose of the loan is a romantic date, flowers, a restaurant or cafe. Gifts such as jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics are also in the lead.

Only 70% are planning to celebrate this holiday, while every second of them named no more than 2 thousand rubles as an acceptable gift value. Another 40% of Russians are ready to spend no more than 5 thousand rubles on gifts, and only 10% of borrowers are ready to allocate a large amount.

“This trend is due to a combination of factors. However, the main thing is a more balanced attitude to debt obligations and an understanding that borrowed funds should be issued for more substantial purchases than small gifts. In addition, some borrowers understand that in the current reality, when credit institutions have increased requirements to customers, the likelihood of approval will be low “, – analysts explain. New Year – 2021

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