Putin appreciated the possibility of shutting down foreign Internet services

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not rule out the shutdown of foreign Internet services in case of hostile actions against Russia, while he said that no one would artificially create problems for Russian users, but a reaction to blatant attacks would follow. “For example, I have no desire to do anything. artificially screwing up and tightening. But when some hostile actions are already carried out, then I do not exclude this. Hostile actions against our country are unacceptable, “Putin said at a meeting with editors of Russian media, footage of which was shown on Russia 24.

He noted that Russia has, for example, Yandex and other tools, “Sberbank is developing very well, and in some areas of its cloud activities it is already ahead of foreign services in some way.” We have good prospects. Yes, we will do this, but we will not do anything artificially that would create problems for our citizens and users. Simply because we do not like them or because they wrote something bad about some bosses, “the president said.

He stressed that Russia would react to any “open” attacks from outside.

“Of course, we will not be able not to react to this. I hope that they will also understand this as they lose their monopoly on the market,” the head of state added.

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