Love app. Will Russia expect total control of personal life?

In Denmark, the country of victorious Scandinavian socialism, they started a rather strange experiment on people. First, the legislation was reformed. For many years, rape has traditionally been considered physical actions against a person, due to his weakness or helpless position.

Human rights defenders around the world blamed Denmark for this state of affairs. The Criminal Code of the country did not provide for the possibility of retroactively accusing a man of rape – without any evidence and in the absence of real physical coercion. The country's authorities heeded the criticism. In December last year, Denmark passed a law according to which any sexual act is equated with rape – in the absence of “the explicit consent of both parties.”

What counts as “explicit consent” is an open question. Should interjections be attributed to it? Sighs? Is it a repeated “yes”? And if it is, then how can one prove it in court without audio and video recording?

In 2018, the same law was passed in Sweden – another country of Scandinavian socialism – and led to a paradoxical result. It would seem that the novel was supposed to soften morals and reduce the number of crimes against the person. Nothing of the kind: in 2019, the number of allegations of rape increased by 75% in the country. Naturally, all of them were submitted by women against men.

The Danish men looked at the statistics in a neighboring country and decided – fig, fig. Sexual intercourse has become too dangerous an undertaking. Then the government to help citizens began to advertise the Iconsent mobile application – “I agree” or “I agree”.

By registering in the application, both parties agree to enter into an intimate relationship. The consent is valid for 24 hours. After this time, the “carriage turns into a pumpkin”, and everything needs to be updated. Married couples are also encouraged to use the app – because the law on rape applies to spouses as well.

An interesting detail: the history of “consent” is stored on the servers. The developer assures that this information is completely protected. However, in the event of a criminal investigation, the entire history of a person's love affairs will be instantly made available to law enforcement agencies.

Evil incels on the Internet are still trying to joke about this – we, they say, will hack this application. Or we will give our “partner” half to death, then ask for a cell phone – “to play Minecraft” – and press the button “agree”.

But in general, this is a terrible and sad story, and there is nothing funny about it. We sometimes wonder why people in Western countries talk so much about the “digital concentration camp” on social media. From there, this fashion even spread to us, although there is no question of such control in our penates. And the reason is that the population of the “golden billion” was neurotized to the last degree. And one of the tools for this was the impudent invasion of the state into the most intimate life of people.

The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the process. Despite the fact that COVID-19 is not sexually transmitted, high-ranking officials from various Western countries in the spring of last year suddenly began to sharply speak out about the undesirability of sex in general.

In the USA, the slogan “You yourself are your best partner” was promoted. In Europe, the entire paid sex industry was closed, the last bastion was the “red light district” in Amsterdam, it was sentenced to destruction just the other day. In the UK, in the name of self-isolation, unmarried lovers were banned from dating. In Canada, citizens – including spouses – were officially recommended by the authorities to have sex through a hole in the wall. It used to be done by gay men in public toilets.

The citizens laughed nervously and, of course, did not follow any instructions. By the way, the first offender in England was Neil Ferguson. This amazing mathematician presented to the authorities his calculations in the spring, according to which millions of Britons will die from the coronavirus if they are not locked down. And as soon as the compatriots were closed to their homes, he, in violation of all the rules, invited his beloved – the wife of his colleague. The scandal was notable, but there was nothing for Ferguson. In the fall, he again presented his calculations (although they are disputed by the country's most prominent epidemiologists) – and the British were locked up at home for the second time.

However, the problem is not that the authorities' meaningless prescriptions are out of control. The horror is that the authorities are crawling into the bed of the population under their jurisdiction and are trying to brazenly regulate the private life of citizens.

And all right, at the same time, the representatives of the powers that be themselves would be examples of personal modesty. Savonarola, having started a similar moral revolution in Florence, was not noticed in any dangerous connections. John Calvin, who staged the Puritan terror in Geneva, behaved pretty well. Robespierre was known as a model of republican virtue.

But the modern masters of the Universe allow themselves what they want. The era of liberal terror against ordinary people began in the days of Bill Clinton, who became famous for his love affairs all over the world. Blue-eyed British Prime Minister Tony Blair also excelled in extramarital affairs. The puffy volumes of Jeffrey Epstein's criminal case contain sexual incriminating evidence on almost all the mighty of this world – but the trouble is, Epstein somehow suddenly committed suicide in prison.

Paradoxically, while traditional heterosexual relationships are permanently stigmatized, relationships of a different kind are on the agenda. Transgender people get PR from every iron. LGBT activists occupy the entire information space.

While Scandinavian spouses are required to consent to sex on a mobile app, Desmond the Amazing's parents are furious in the US. Today the kid is 13 years old – and he is already a prominent LGBT activist, speaker on relevant topics and author of the children's picture book “Be Awesome: A Story of Pride.”

At the age of three, Andrew Napolis – the future Desmond – went to kindergarten, already being “openly gay.” Since the age of eight, he has been dancing in a women's dress in gay clubs. In any normal country in the world, his mother would have been jailed long ago for the sexual exploitation of a child. However, in the United States, such a check by the authorities ended in full approval of everything that was happening. Desmond continues to rock at gay pride parades. His critics were branded “homophobes” and defamed in all democratic media.

That is, it would be okay to impose abstinence on people in the name of building communism, fighting global warming, or some other lofty goals. But no, they are instructed to forget about a normal personal life and non-stop to admire some hard-to-explain exotic perversions, for whose lovers punitive psychiatry cries. It is no wonder that the roof of the population of Western countries starts to go.

Do not think that we can stock up on popcorn and look at all this from the outside. The driving force behind the Western morality revolution is the social activists entrenched in social media. Most of the time there is spent by people deprived of any personal life at all. They will pick up any slogan like MeToo, if only to achieve their one goal – to ban love as such.

And don't forget about the administrative delight. Our officials, too, sometimes like to get into something that does not concern them, either to the village or to the city. Here in the Leningrad region they suddenly proposed to ban quick dates and other “activities” for Valentine's Day. Well, yes, come on, what is there … Wow, everything is like in the West. Or maybe not already?

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