It will take five days to eliminate the consequences of a snowfall in the Moscow region

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. It will take about five days to eliminate the consequences of a snowfall in the Moscow region; over the past day, almost 40 thousand kilometers of roads have been removed, the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region reports.

It is noted that the road and municipal services of the Moscow region continue to eliminate the consequences of snowfall in an intensified mode. On behalf of the governor, work will continue around the clock until all the consequences of the snowfall are eliminated.

“For 2 days, up to 60 cm of snow fell in places in the region, precipitation amounted to 87% of the February norm. During the day, more than 38 thousand kilometers of regional roads were cleared of snow, more than 31.4 million square meters of footpaths and approaches to entrances were cleared,” said in a message on the Telegram channel of the press service.

As the Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region Alexei Gerzhik added, several cycles of snow removal and anti-icing materials processing of central streets, outbound highways, and emergency services were carried out. At the request of residents, the main exits from 50 villages have also been cleared.

According to him, on Sunday, the main emphasis of road services is on cleaning municipal roads, public transport routes, cleaning roads and approaches to bus stops, so that residents can easily leave their homes by car or walk to the bus stop on Monday. ” it will take five days for such a heavy snowfall, “the press service adds.

The Minister of Transport added that “these are the scheduled deadlines for cleaning roads after snowfalls.”

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