Found a new method to combat hair loss

MOSCOW, February 14 RIA Novosti. Scientists at the Riken Research Institute in Japan have developed a new method to combat hair loss, reports the EurekAlert portal.

Experts conducted experiments on mice: in particular, they cultivated hair follicles from stem cells from whiskers and rodents' hair.

It turned out that the combination of one type of collagen with a specific medium promotes rapid hair growth in a short period of time. To determine the “recipe for growth” scientists had to test 220 different combinations. “Our technology establishes a method for the effective regeneration of hair follicles and may help people in the near future,” concluded one of the study authors Takashi Tsuji.

Earlier, Thai scientists discovered that marine avicennia, a type of mangrove tree, contains avicequinone-C. This chemical prevents hair loss by inhibiting enzymes that lead to increased levels of balding hormones.

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