Finance Minister told where to invest money with guaranteed income

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti. Federal loan bonds for the population (OFZ-n) guarantee investors the safety of savings and income, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in the program “Characters from Naila Asker-zade” on the Russia 1 TV channel.

“If we talk about financial investments, the Ministry of Finance issues special securities for people – federal loan bonds for the population. <...> Guaranteed income, it is guaranteed that the savings that are invested in these securities will be preserved,” he said …

According to Siluanov, there is now an increased interest in investing savings, but the stock market is “both ups and downs” in the value of securities.

“An investor, when deciding to switch from deposits to investing in the stock market, must understand that he can either win or lose, and there is no insurance here,” the Finance Minister stressed.

He recalled that the issue of protecting inexperienced investors was discussed with President Vladimir Putin, who instructed the government to prevent deception of ordinary citizens.

“We know this firsthand, when people have a deposit in a bank, come to extend this deposit, and often banks say: let us offer you new products, more highly profitable. And people do not even know what kind of highly profitable product it is.” – added the minister.

In January, a bill was introduced to the State Duma prohibiting the sale of complex financial products to unqualified investors. The document assumes that from October 1, 2021, mandatory testing of investors for the right to purchase such products will be introduced.

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