U.S. Senate allowed to call witnesses to impeach Trump trial

WASHINGTON, Feb 13 – RIA Novosti. The Senate voted to summon witnesses to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, which could delay the process, the results of the vote show.

55 Senators voted to call witnesses, while 45 were against. Five Republicans voted in favor.

The Democrats said before the closing remarks that they want to summon GOP congressman Jamie Herrera Betler. Trump's defenders opposed this.

If the process of questioning witnesses begins, the impeachment trial may be dragged out. The impeachment vote was originally expected to take place on Saturday.

Trump is accused of inciting insurgency. On January 6, a crowd of his supporters crushed the US Capitol and temporarily prevented the approval of the presidential election, which was won by Trump's rival Joe Biden.

To condemn Trump, 67 votes out of 100 senators are needed, but so far this number has not been recruited.

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