Traffic jams of seven points persist in Moscow on Saturday night

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. Traffic jams of at least seven points persisted in Moscow on Saturday night due to the continued snowfall, it follows from the data of the Yandex Traffic Service.

As of 2.15 am, the greatest traffic difficulties are observed at the intersection of the Third Transport Ring with departing highways – in the areas on the Tula overpass, Entuziastov highway, Begovaya street, Volgogradsky prospect.

In the city center, traffic is difficult on some sections of the Garden Ring. Immediately due to several accidents, many kilometers of traffic jams formed on the Moscow Ring Road, the longest on the inner part in the southeast of the highway: from Novoryazanskoye to Besedinskoye highway.

As follows from the service data, as of 3.00 am, the road situation in the Russian capital has not improved – traffic jams, on the contrary, reached eight points. At the same time, if the traffic in the city center slightly accelerated, then on the Moscow Ring Road the length of congestion even increased slightly: to the traffic jam in the southeast, “red” sections were added on the outer side of the highway in the southwest (from Nemchinovka to Profsoyuznaya Street) and northwest ( from Khimki to Volokolamsk highway). The situation is also difficult on the outer part of the ring road in the Mytishchi area.

Due to snowfalls in Moscow, the road situation has been difficult since Friday morning. At 9.00 there were already 7-point traffic jams, at about 2 pm they reached eight points. At about 3.30 pm, traffic jams in the capital reached nine points, and finally, at about 17.00, traffic congestion reached its maximum value of ten points. At about 22.00, Yandex.Traffic was still showing nine points.

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