Traffic jams in Moscow reached nine points by six in the morning

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. Traffic jams on the roads of Moscow on Saturday by six o'clock in the morning reached nine points, it follows from the data of the service “Yandex. Traffic”.

The situation on the roads, which was estimated at eight or nine points late at night, worsened, despite the fact that, judging by the graphical information of the service, there are fewer sections with serious traffic problems compared to night hours.

The situation has become less tense in the city center, but on the Moscow Ring Road, a number of sections are painted in bright red. The most problematic places are near the junctions with Volgogradsky Prospekt and Mozhaisk Highway (outer side), the inner and outer sides of the highway between Varshavskoye Highway and Leningradsky Prospekt, near Khimki (outer side) and Dmitrovsky district of the capital (inner side). From the Third Ring Road towards the region there is a traffic jam of a couple of kilometers on the Varshavskoe highway.

Due to snowfalls in Moscow, the road situation has been difficult since Friday morning. At 9.00 there were already 7-point traffic jams, at about 2 pm they reached eight points. At about 3.30 pm, traffic jams in the capital reached nine points, and finally, at about 17.00, traffic congestion reached its maximum value of ten points. At about 22.00, Yandex.Traffic was still showing nine points. On Saturday night, the traffic situation improved slightly: at 2.00 am, traffic jams were rated at seven points, but an hour later this figure rose to eight points.

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