Traffic jams in Moscow are estimated at nine points

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. Traffic jams on the roads of Moscow, formed due to snowfall, are still estimated at 9 points by noon on Saturday, a serious improvement in the situation until evening is not predicted yet, follows from the data of the Yandex.Traffic service.

At 6 am they reached 9 points, after that the situation constantly changed from 8 to 9 points. This is unique for the capital: usually on weekends, the streets of the city are quite free, but because of the heavy snow that began the day before, the city “stood” not only on Friday nights, which is not unusual, but all night. Moreover, traffic jams only grew. The main reason is the Moscow Ring Road, trucks have stopped there. Since they are only allowed to enter the ring road in the evening and at night, the situation worsened precisely at night. As a RIA Novosti correspondent reported at night from the southern part of the Moscow Ring Road, trucks, trying to bypass each other, occupied all lanes, including the leftmost one, and some got stuck diagonally, blocking several lanes at once.

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Due to snowfalls in Moscow, the road situation has been difficult since Friday morning. At 9.00 there were already 7-point traffic jams, at about 2 pm they reached 8 points. At about 15.30, traffic jams in the capital reached 9 points, and finally, at about 17.00, the traffic load reached its maximum value of 10 points. At about 22.00, Yandex.Traffic was still showing 9 points. On Saturday night, the traffic situation improved slightly: at 2.00 am traffic jams were rated at 7 points, but an hour later this figure rose to 8 points.

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