The expert taught how to calculate the financial pyramid

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. Typically, a pyramid scheme offers returns several times higher than the risk-free rate. There are no guarantees of profitability, Yevgeny Mironyuk, an analyst with Freedom Finance, told the Prime agency.

According to him, financial pyramids do not have permits, licenses for financial activities, as well as grounds for the ability to attract funds from individuals. “Most often, financial pyramids widely advertise themselves, in recent years, mainly in social networks and through contextual advertising,” the analyst adds.

As a rule, they place advertising posts on the Internet from the “participants” of the pyramid who have invested their money and allegedly received a considerable income. Information about the company is usually minimal, financial statements are not publicly available, and its history is vague.

The financial pyramid usually appears “out of nowhere” and has no confirmation of previous activities in official sources, Mironyuk sums up.

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