The expert called a way to increase pensions without increasing taxes

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. An increase in pensions in Russia without an increase in business taxes can be facilitated by the introduction of a flexible rate of insurance premiums, which should change depending on the situation in the economy, said Ekaterina Kheifets, a leading analyst in the Economy and Social Development Department of the Central Social Development Center, to RIA Novosti. the size of insurance premiums for employers, which will allow for a flexible pension policy in accordance with the economic situation of the country. This approach is intended not to overload business in a crisis, which in the long term will have a positive effect on the recovery of economic activity, “said Kheifetz.

According to her, this will reduce the share of shadow employment and stimulate entrepreneurs to register employees in accordance with the procedure established by law.

At the same time, the expert criticized proposals related to raising taxes on business or abolishing tax incentives for large, including mining companies. “Tying social benefits to oil export revenues, including an increase in the budget of the pension fund due to the complete abolition of tax breaks for exporters of raw materials, does not seem economically justified,” Kheifets is sure.

In the expert's opinion, proposals to introduce a progressive scale of insurance premiums are also largely populist. Now contributions to the Pension Fund are 22% of the employee's annual payroll. Of these, 6% go to the formation of the basic part of pensions, and 16% – the individual rate, which is recorded on the individual personal account of the insured person. The introduction of a progressive scale of contributions in the future will entail additional pension rights for citizens with higher wages.

“Even in countries with a pay-as-you-go system, when the size of pensions is tied to income, there is an upper limit on individual earnings, above which no pension contributions are levied,” the expert noted.

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