Independent newspaper apologized to Abramovich

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA Novosti. The British newspaper The Independent apologized to Russian entrepreneur Roman Abramovich for an article claiming that sanctions should be imposed against him.

The publication explained that this is an article dated January 6, in which it was stated that Abramovich was allegedly the custodian of the “illegal” state of the Russian leadership. The publication emphasizes that these statements belonged to Alexei Navalny's colleague Leonid Volkov, the newspaper itself then “mistakenly published” them.

“We did not want to argue that he should be subjected to punitive sanctions,” the newspaper said in a statement, which also notes that Abramovich's own representatives also denied the allegations.

“We are happy to clarify this and apologize to Abramovich for any misunderstanding,” the British newspaper added.

The newspaper noted that “in the light of these mistakes” it agreed to make a donation to charitable purposes of Abramovich's choice, as well as to reimburse his legal costs.

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