WHO announced re-infections with coronavirus in the presence of antibodies

GENEVA, 12 Feb – RIA Novosti, Elizaveta Isakova. The World Health Organization has data on re-infections with new strains of SARS-CoV-2, despite the presence of antibodies to the virus, Sumia Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist, said at a briefing.

“We are now receiving reports of re-infections with a new strain of the virus. And there have been preliminary reports from South Africa suggesting that people who have already been ill could become infected again,” she said.

Now there are studies on how much immunity is already in those who have already been ill, Swaminathan said. At the same time, she added that among the vaccinated, the overwhelming majority suffers the infection in a mild form.

As Swaminathan noted, it was previously established that vaccination reduces the virulence (the degree of pathogenicity (pathogenicity) of the microorganism. – Ed.) Of the virus and there is a possibility of reducing the level of transmission of COVID-19 after vaccination.

According to the latest WHO data, during the pandemic, more than 107.4 million people were infected worldwide, about 2.36 million died. Now new strains of SARS-CoV-2 have begun to spread: the British have already been found in 86 countries, the South African in 44, and the Brazilian / Japanese in 15.

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