US calls on G7 members to help poor countries during pandemic

WASHINGTON, 12 Feb – RIA Novosti. US Treasury Chief Janet Yellen called on G7 members to work to help poor countries in connection with the pandemic, the department said following a virtual meeting of the G7 finance ministers on Friday.

“Minister Yellen stated her firm conviction that the G7 countries, in cooperation with international financial institutions, should work to solve the problems faced by low-income countries that find it difficult to cope with the pandemic,” the Treasury press service said.

According to the Treasury Department, Yellen stressed the “importance of additional financial assistance to ensure active recovery” of the economy against the backdrop of the pandemic, as well as the commitment of the new US administration to a multilateral approach to solving world problems, including climate change. “She expressed strong support for the efforts of the G7 on the problem of climate change” and assured that the US ministry will be involved in this direction as well. Yellen stressed the desire of the United States to strengthen allied relations and intensify international activities.

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