The lawyer gave advice on how to identify a fake receipt for a “communal apartment”

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. It is more difficult to do this than it seems, because the main difference between a fake receipt and a real one is the number of the current account indicated in it. If you do not compare the numbers, then you can easily pay not to the service provider, but to the fraudster, Alexey Petropolsky, CEO of the Urvista law firm, told the Prime agency. If you make a payment, you can see that you are paying a commercial organization, not a government one, “the lawyer adds.

First of all, you need to double-check the numbers indicated in the receipt in the application online, if you pay via a QR code with a quick payment, or at the bank. By “scoring” the data into the current account, employees can see to whom the payment is being made, and will warn if the addressee is a commercial organization.

You can also “punch” on the Internet the current account of the GBU, which serves your house, or a specific recipient of the EIRTs of your city, and then check with the one indicated in the receipt. All other data, as a rule, coincide, because scammers are trying to do so as not to arouse the slightest suspicion, concluded Petropolsky.

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