The Expocentre will become one of the expert platforms for the Year of Science and Technology

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. More than 8 thousand proposals were received for inclusion in the main plan of events of the Year of Science and Technology, about 60% of them relate to the holding of thematic forums, exhibitions and conferences, we hope that it will include the Russian Week of High Technologies (RNHT), said during a round table on the topic “The Year of Science and Technology through the Prism of Congress and Exhibition Events” at the Expocentre, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Elena Druzhinina.

“The current year has been declared the Year of Science and Technology. Of the more than eight thousand announced proposals, about 58% are devoted to the holding of forums, exhibitions and conferences. All proposals have tried to harmonize and there will be more scientific and technological projects. When drawing up the action plan, we also took into account the already loved Russian High Technologies Week, which takes place annually at the Expocentre site, – said Druzhinina.

According to her, three quarters of the proposals for the plan came from research organizations and universities. Proposals also came from federal and regional authorities.

Druzhinina clarified that on Friday, a meeting of the organizing committee will take place, which will consider the plan of events for the Year of Science and Technology – scientific and technological projects, congress and exhibition events, as well as celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight and the 310th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Lomonosov.

The moderator of the meeting, the chairman of the organizing committee of the NTI Expo, Vladimir Kononov, noted that the exhibition activities of the Expocentre are inextricably linked with the development of Russian science and new technologies.

“Every year, several dozen major exhibitions are held at the Expocentre site, the main purpose of which is communication between participants, demonstration of the latest ideas, exchange of experience and new developments. In our turn, we also submitted our proposals to the organizing committee on the introduction of a number of exhibition projects in the Year of Science. and we hope that they will be taken into account, “said Kononov.

General Director of Expocentre AO, Chairman of the RF CCI Committee for Exhibition, Fair and Congress Activities Sergey Bednov also emphasized the inextricable link between science and the activities of Expocentre.

“Every year, a number of exhibitions related to the popularization of advanced scientific ideas are held on our site – the Russian High Technology Week, the Russian Industrial Week and others. This year, a new mega-forum” Neftegaz “will be held, as well as the Russian Construction Week, Health Week and other events “, – Bednov said.

He emphasized that exhibition activity is not only a marketing mechanism, demonstration of new products and ideas, but also an important communication tool for both Russian participants and the international community. So, despite the pandemic and the closure of borders, more than 150 exhibitors from 10 countries of the world were presented at the Russian High Technology Week, it was attended by more than five thousand people.

Speaking about plans for the exhibition year, Bednov noted that in 2021 the Russian High Technology Week will unite the international exhibition of information and communication technologies Svyaz-2021, the Svyaz-2021 forum: digital development of the telecom industry, the Russian software – effective solutions “, the international exhibition of navigation systems, technologies and services” Navitech-2021 “and other events. For the second time, the Renwex exhibition will be held, an advanced project of the Expocentre, where technologies in the field of renewable energy and environmental engineering will be presented.

The General Director of Expocentre AO drew attention to the high degree of safety of the exhibition activities, which meets all the requirements and standards of sanitary services. At the same time, he added, the usual format of exhibitions is changing due to the spread of hybrid offline and online forms of work.

“The coronavirus pandemic has served as one of the reasons for the intensification of digital transformations in exhibition activities. For example, an online studio has appeared at Expocentre, which makes it possible to implement hybrid forms of speaker participation at events where online will complement offline communication,” he explained.

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