The doctor urged Russians to endure a runny nose

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. In some cases, temporary nasal congestion must be endured, and not eliminated with the help of drops, otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences, otolaryngologist Ivan Leskov warned in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Nasal discharge is not always a sign of illness, sometimes it can be a normal reaction of the body to external factors. So, when we go out into the cold, we have discharge, and the nose clogs up, the otolaryngologist explained.

“This is because the nose controls the inhaled air, which must be brought to a certain humidity and temperature. The lower the outside temperature, the more work the nose has. In order for it to bring the air back to normal, it must reduce the flow. Hence the swelling of the nose.” , – noted Leskov.

If during edema, while on the street, a vasoconstrictor drug is dripped into the nose, then we will receive a portion of cold air into the lungs.

The body will most likely cope with such a single intervention without much difficulty. But if you do this regularly, then problems may appear, the doctor warned.

“Once nothing bad from this will not happen, but this is a rather subtle process of reconfiguring breathing depending on the temperature. If we” break in “regularly, then at some point we will get a position where the nose stops responding to anything other than the drops themselves. With a sharp change in temperature, you have to be patient, “- explained Leskov.

Thus, the otolaryngologist summed up, if, with a sharp drop in temperature, you run out of your nose or your nose clogs up, this is a normal reaction of the body and it is better not to interfere with it unless absolutely necessary.

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