The doctor told how to start playing sports after removal

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. Light loads, better jogging and stretching, as well as a balanced diet, without diets with sudden weight loss – this is how you should start playing sports after self-isolation, Andrei Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care for adults at the Moscow Department of Healthcare, told RIA Novosti. just try to keep fit even in a pandemic, doing daily exercises or at least a minimal set of exercises, as well as adhering to a balanced diet.If you are going to go in for sports after a long break, then you need to start with small loads, gradually increasing them. It is good to start with jogging. , stretching “, – said Tyazhelnikov.

According to him, it is especially worthwhile to be careful about the loads of people who have had coronavirus, people with weakened immunities. Too intense and prolonged exercise can lead to weakening and health complications.

“You need to be especially careful about nutrition. Diets that do not maintain the balance of essential trace elements and vitamins are dangerous. Sudden weight loss often does not lead to anything good, except for fatigue and new health problems. It is considered dangerous to lose more than a kilogram of weight per week. “, – said the interlocutor of the agency.

The doctor added that with intense weight loss, the body, first of all, will lose water and proteins, and fat will be retained as a strategic reserve. Therefore, you need to measure not kilograms, but volumes.

“Instead of scaring and stressing your body, you should tune in to a comprehensive, albeit longer, but healthier strategy with systemic exercise and balanced nutrition. In the face of the additional risks that the pandemic has brought, you need to be especially careful in prioritizing health benefits “, – concluded Tyazhelnikov.

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