The consequences of leakage of “basic information” from a smartphone are named

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. Many applications request access to “basic information” from a smartphone. What will happen if this data gets to scammers, Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the Zecurion analytical center, explained in an interview with Sputnik radio.

At the first launch, new applications are almost always asked to provide access to certain data in the smartphone's memory. At the same time, people, as a rule, do not even look at what permissions they are asked for, and give their consent to everything, Ulyanov noted. “Developers also know about this, therefore they ask for the maximum permissions for their applications. This is done to better recognize the consumer and sell him more products and services. But we understand that the data to which we have allowed access to applications can leak, “- said the expert.

Unfortunately, this data may spread further and fall into the hands of third parties, including fraudsters. It is generally accepted that cybercriminals only need bank data, but the so-called basic information like the phone numbers and names of your acquaintances is also part of their range of interests – this is a way to get into trust, explained the head of the Zecurion analytical center.

“Now the technical means are well developed and it is possible to change the caller's number. When a person determines that his acquaintance is calling, or he receives a message from a friend, the level of trust in this communication sharply increases. In such a situation, a person will more easily fall for the bait of a fraudster” Ulyanov warned.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, you need to provide access to contacts on your gadget only to verified and official applications, the expert concluded.

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