The analyst told how to find out the credit rating for free

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti. Your credit rating, by which the bank evaluates your solvency as a borrower, can be checked in several ways, including free of charge. Vitaly Ukrainsky, Deputy Director of the Retail Risk Analysis Department of Otkritie Bank, told the Prime agency about this.

The most accessible way is through the “Gosuslugi” portal (the service is called “Access of individuals to the list of organizations in which credit history is stored”).

A request can also be sent to the credit bureau, where information about the rating must be issued free of charge. But the number of free requests is limited: 2 requests per year in electronic form and once in paper. Banks can also release this information, but you have to pay them. “The credit rating, which is calculated in the credit bureau, is measured in points. It allows the bank to assess the borrower's solvency, as well as the borrower himself to understand how the bureau assesses his solvency”, – explained Ukrainian.

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